Gain genuine and unfiltered consumer insights with Conjointly's Video Response questions. With just a click of a button, your target audiences can record and share their thoughts, experiences, and opinions. Instantly uncover key themes, sentiments, and insights from these responses to make confident decisions.

Core benefits of Video Responses

  • Gain in-depth responses to complement quantitative data.
  • Efficiently capture authentic perspectives and unfiltered opinions.
  • Access non-verbal communication cues absent from written feedback.
  • Avoid the hassle of organising and managing in-person focus groups.
  • Offer respondents flexible, self-paced participation at their convenience.

What sets Conjointly's Video Responses apart

Automated translation

Easily gather and analyse global feedback with automated transcription and translation.

Instant transcription

Save time and streamline your analysis with automatically generated transcripts for every video response.

AI-powered summaries

Instantly identify key themes and ideas within responses as the report loads, through automated AI summaries.

Sentiment analysis

Gain insights into respondents' emotions with algorithms that classify responses as positive, negative, or neutral.

Access your ideal audience

With access to millions of survey participants across the globe, Conjointly provides various sampling options to collect video responses from your target audience. Use Conjointly's Self-serve sample for urgent access to respondents, or use Predefined panels for a customisable solution, managed by Conjointly.

End-to-end Video Response solution

End-to-end Video Response solution

Seamlessly set up, capture, review, and analyse video responses directly within web browsers, no coding or additional software installation required from you or respondents.

Capture and analyse video feedback at scale

Capture and analyse video feedback at scale

Uncover key themes and sentiment distributions instantly through powerful machine transcriptions and AI analysis.

Get even more value from your research

With Conjointly, you can combine Video Response questions with advanced research methods and a wide range of question types to collect both qualitative and quantitative insights.

Looking for expert support with your research?

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