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Custom engagements

Do you need us to run a pricing or product study for you? Or you want to engage with the Conjointly Ultimate tier of ongoing research support? Let's talk about your agile consumer research or conjoint analysis projects.

Conjointly Software Licence


An easy-to-use platform with no restrictions on the number of surveys, questions, and team members. Ideal for SMEs and those trialling Conjointly's more advanced methods. Access to Market Test methods.


All features of Basic

  • Great support (up to 2 hours of consultations per year)
  • Access to all advanced methods (including conjoint analysis, Kano, Claims Test, MaxDiff, etc.)
  • Pay for as many users as you need with Conjointly's flexible per-seat pricing

Annual recurring payment with credit cards only


All features of Professional

  •  Payment via PO and bank transfer
  •  Procurement onboarding
  •  Tailored team trainings
  •  Pre‑purchased store credit for sampling and analytics
  •  Research support retainer

Panel responses

Minimum bid of USD 1.47 per complete response while you have full control to manage the bid price, quotas, and targeting criteria

From USD 1.60 per complete quality‑assured response quoted automatically by the system

Bring your own sample

No cost

Market Test

Market Test allows you to quickly and easily test and compare a variety of content, including designs, ads, packaging, logos, copy, product ideas, and marketing assets. Within two hours, you will receive a report based on responses from 100 USA-based respondents. Market Test is priced at either USD 99 or USD 289 (depending on the methodology) and does not require a Conjointly licence.

Email invitations

Send email invitations to your respondents directly from Conjointly for USD 0.02 per contact.

Video response

Video response questions are currently an alpha feature. They will be priced at up to USD 5.00 per response (including all analysis), but they are free of charge initially.

Quick Feedback

Quick Feedback is survey testing service with ~50 feedbackers (not actual reliable research sample). Running a Quick Feedback does not require a Conjointly licence. It costs $20 per survey test.

Text analytics and translations

from $0.01 based on complexity of request

from USD 0.10 per complete response with an open-end. Included for free when sample is supplied by Conjointly.

from $0.01 based on length of text

Professional translation

from $200 per language per study. Request your quote now

Branded domain name

Conjointly supports clients who want to present a branded (white-labelled) domain of your choosing to respondents, including:

  • All respondent-facing pages shown on your branded domain (rather than,
  • All emails sent to respondents from your own domain.

Our team can assist you by purchasing, setting up, and servicing a dedicated branded (white-labelled) domain name. This service is available to customers as a separate add-on. Please reach out to our support team for a quote.

What features are included in software licences?

Survey authoring and response collection

Number of surveysUnlimited on all tiers
Number of questions per surveyUnlimited on all tiers
Survey collaborationAvailable on all tiers

Advanced research methods

FeatureBasicProfessional, Ultimate
Generic ConjointUp to 20 responsesAvailable
Brand-Specific ConjointUp to 20 responsesAvailable
Claims TestUp to 20 responsesAvailable
Product Variant SelectorUp to 20 responsesAvailable
MaxDiff AnalysisUp to 20 responsesAvailable
Brand-Price Trade OffUp to 20 responsesAvailable
Gabor-GrangerUp to 20 responsesAvailable
Van WestendorpUp to 20 responsesAvailable
Image HeatmapUp to 20 responsesAvailable
Text HighlighterUp to 20 responsesAvailable
Kano ModelUp to 20 responsesAvailable
A/B TestUp to 20 responsesAvailable
Monadic TestUp to 20 responsesAvailable
Domain Name Likability CheckUp to 20 responsesAvailable
Product Name TestUp to 20 responsesAvailable
Business Card TestUp to 20 responsesAvailable
Logo TestUp to 20 responsesAvailable
NFT Artwork TestUp to 20 responsesAvailable
Graphic Design FeedbackUp to 20 responsesAvailable
Business Name EvaluatorUp to 20 responsesAvailable
Brand Name TestUp to 20 responsesAvailable
Product Concept TestUp to 20 responsesAvailable
Product Description TestUp to 20 responsesAvailable
Idea ScreenerUp to 20 responsesAvailable
Package TestUp to 20 responsesAvailable
Image Ad TestUp to 20 responsesAvailable
Ad Copy TestUp to 20 responsesAvailable
Print Ad TestUp to 20 responsesAvailable
Out-of-Home Ad TestUp to 20 responsesAvailable
TURF Analysis ToolNot availableAvailable

Payments and onboarding

FeatureBasic, ProfessionalUltimate
Procurement onboardingNot availableAvailable
Store creditNot included, but can be purchasedIncluded and can be topped up
Payment via credit and debit cardsAvailableAvailable
Payment via Purchase Order and bank transferNot availableAvailable

Procurement onboarding means our participation in your company’s supplier onboarding and procurement processes, including filling out forms, preparing customised invoices and processing purchase orders. It is available only for the Ultimate tier.

Support and training

Email supportLimitedAvailableAvailable
Online Live ChatLimitedAvailableAvailable
Technical supportLimitedAvailableAvailable
Support Video CallsNot availableLimitedAvailable
Private training sessionsNot availableNot availableAvailable

Survey Functionality

Survey Functionality: Multiple choice, Likert scale, star rating, paragraph input, short text, email address, and constant sumAvailable on all tiers
Randomisation blockAvailable on all tiers
Multilingual surveysAvailable on all tiers
SegmentationAvailable on all tiers
Respondent weightingAvailable on all tiers
Subgroup analysis (crosstab)Available on all tiers
Survey flow managementAvailable on all tiers
Skip / disqualify logicAvailable on all tiers
Piping of questions and answersAvailable on all tiers
DIY respondent interface customisation (CSS / JavaScript)Available on all tiers
Data exports (CSV and Excel)Available on all tiers
Automatic PowerPoint presentation creationAvailable on all tiers
Data visualisation (including pivot tables on participants list)Available on all tiers

Store credit and prepayments

Store credit (prepayments) is a convenient way to make purchases for Predefined panels, Self-serve sample, targeted responses, email invitations, Quick Feedback, video response, automated translations of your experiments, and auto-summaries of text responses. To top up the balance in your account, you can either make one-off payments via debit or credit card, or set up recurring payments to your store credit on a quarterly or annual basis. You will receive reminder emails 10 days before the next recurring payment is due.

Top up your balance

If your store credit is insufficient for a particular purchase, the remaining balance for the payment will be charged to your default payment method.

Bonus credit

There are several ways you can earn bonuses on your store credit:

100 Renewal Bonus

Get a bonus of 100 in the currency that you have selected whenever you renew your licence subscription on the platform.

5% Top Up Bonus

Receive a 5% bonus of your top-up amount when you add more than 10,000 via a credit or debit card.

You can spend your bonus credit on Predefined panels, targeted responses, email invitations, Quick Feedback, automated translations of your experiments, and auto-summaries of text responses in your reports. Please note that we do not provide refunds on bonuses. To learn more, feel free to reach out to our support team.

Notes on pricing

  • All prices are quoted in unless otherwise specified.
  • All Conjointly licences are recurring annual subscriptions. You can cancel at any time, at which point your licence stops, but you will still retain access to your past studies (but not the reporting functionality or data exports).
  • Licence does not include panel responses (provided at an extra cost).
  • For Australian customers, Goods and Services Tax (GST) is added on top of the advertised price.
  • The Survey Tool (Basic tier) allows you collect thousands of responses, however, analytics for advanced methods (Generic Conjoint, Claims Test, etc.) will only be available for up to 20 responses. Presence of a licence would enable full analysis for the remaining number of responses.
  • There are two options for when to pay for your experiments:
    1. You can sign up for a subscription before launching your experiment.
    2. Alternatively, you can sign up after launch. Simply untick the relevant services in the service table. Please note:
      • Until a payment is made, you will only have access to the first 20 responses, but all subsequent responses will be recorded and saved.
      • If you are requesting sample respondents, they will not be collected before a payment is made.
  • We provide flexible payment methods to our customers:
    • Our preferred payment method is credit or debit card (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, etc.), which can be used directly on the website. You can pay for sample, licence, or any other services through credit or debit card. Some banks apply an international charge or a payment charge when you use credit cards. We are unable to refund any exchange rate or international transaction charges.
    • If you prefer to pay through purchase order, wire transfer, cheque, and other methods, please get in touch with us. However, it is only available for Ultimate tier customers.
  • Conjointly also offer a no-cost option for academics and students. To apply, please complete the academic fee waiver form.


Can I try before buying?

Yes, Conjointly is free to sign up to. As soon as you register, you get access to the Basic tier and the Survey Tool, allowing you set up even complex studies and collect responses at no cost. Additionally, you can run small studies using the advanced analytics methods (Generic Conjoint, Claims Test, etc.) with up to 20 respondents, at no charge. You can access advanced survey methods for free by unticking the payment boxes before launching.

Can I pay monthly?

No, Conjointly does not offer monthly payment plans, but we do offer annual subscriptions.

Can I change or cancel my subscription?

You can cancel the recurrence of your subscription at any time. If your licence is cancelled, you will still retain access to your past studies (but not the reporting functionality or data exports). You are also able to upgrade from a Professional Licence to an Ultimate Licence at any time, to access increased support, and to share the Licence with additional team members. To upgrade your account, contact our support team.

How do professional licence seats work on Conjointly?

Professional licences let you pay for the exact number of team members you need using per-seat pricing. When purchasing a Professional licence for your Conjointly team, you must have at least as many seats as the current number of members in the team. You can purchase additional seats if needed. As you add new members to your team, you will be prompted to purchase an additional seat for each new member if you don’t have spare seats available.

How do I find survey respondents?

There are five ways you can source real human respondents for your survey:
  1. Self-serve sample: Automatically and urgently invite respondents from global panel networks. Target them by location, demographics, and profiling data. Set your own price per complete and manage your own quotas.
  2. Managed general sample: Buy responses from our panel networks. Target them by location, demographics, and profiling questions. Data collection is managed by the Conjointly fieldwork team.
  3. Predefined panel: Use a specific Predefined panel of respondents (including those who are pre-defined for your company). Data collection is managed by the Conjointly fieldwork team.
  4. Bring your own respondents: Use a list of your customers or leads, or source respondents from elsewhere.
  5. Email campaign: Send survey invitations and reminders via Conjointly to your own contacts.
Learn more about how to get survey respondents.

Where can I find information about Conjointly's use of data?

Conjointly's privacy policy contains information regarding how your personal information is collected and used. Conjointly is compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation, a responsibility we take very seriously.